LG G6: Detailed Impressions and Quick Review!

After several attempts to capture the mobile market, LG’s next attempt is the LG-G6 model. It has been been predicted that the model and its features are different from what we have seen or experienced in other existing models from the company.  Company has kept few of the old features but modified and included new features to make the user experience better than before. After receiving not so welcoming reviews about the G5 model, LG has done quite a few changes to capture the customer’s interest again.


  1. Look: The new LG G6 has a very modern look to it as compare to the last year G5. It has a smooth unibody design and it is available in white, black and silver. But to note that white color mobile is only available in few countries. US is not one of them. Dont worry, I am sure the company will come up with options for American users soon.
  2. Display : This time the display is 5.7-inch with the 18:9 aspect ratio making the movie and video watching experience better for the user. Usually mobiles have 16:9 ratio which is a finer upgrade. So for the users like me who like to watch a video or two on mobile before going to sleep, G6 is a good option.
  3. Waterproof:  G6 is the first LG model which is waterproof or resistant. It can withstand being in water for up to 30 minutes, making it more reliable for the users. So now you don’t have to worry about damaging your cell phone if you accidentally spill coffee or water on it, or get caught in a rainy day with no umbrella.
  4. Camera: There has been some cool modification in camera too. Now there are two 13 megapixel cameras at the back which lets you capture the pictures at standard angel length along with 120 degree angle length. Well that means you can capture more content. I am not done yet, there is a good news for the selfie lovers too. The front camera comes with 5 megapixel and it also have wide angle option. The front camera lets you take a selfie as soon as your face is in frame. No need to click any button. If you are thinking,can this mobile get any better? well wait till I tell you what else it can do. You can stream the gallery while talking pictures. Time Saver!  
  5. Square Camera: This app is for instagram users to let them take the square photos. It comes up with different options such as Grid shot, Guide shot, Match shot and Snap shot.
  6. AI assistant: It lets user to interact with the assistant to get the information like weather, nearby places and list goes on. If you have smarthome devices that can now be easily operated through new LG G6 model. This feature uses Google’s voice recognition and database search.
  7. Battery: The only thing that might disappoint users about the new G6 is that, it does not come up with the removable battery.But to compensate that LG has increased the battery capacity for G6 to improve the longevity to 3.300 mAh. G6 also have wireless charging and quick charging feature available. It gets better , you can also charge your mobile even when it is wet. You can also use any android app to optimise your phone performance.

Availability : New LG G6 has been first available to purchase on March 9th, 2017 in South Korea and after that it will available in other countries. It is expected to hit US market in late March or early April.

Review: So far, the mobile has received good reviews for all the changes and introduction of the new features. The new G6 is expected to be a hit among the users of all kinds as it offers amazing camera features, long lasting battery, modern look, non-pixel AI, and last but not the least the water resistant feature which makes it even more desirable.


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