iTube: The Best Video Downloader for Android!

Almost all of us are using smartphones these days, where most of us have an Android based phone. Our phone has became our companion more than just a utility. It helps to remain connected to the world through social media apps, allows us to read news, play games and even watch videos and play music. YouTube there being the most common choice for playing videos. YouTube has a huge collection of videos to browse over and is definitely the best source of entertainment free of cost. And with the save offline feature of YouTube we can carry this fun with us anywhere and watch our favorite videos even without internet connection. But there is a catch to to it, as YouTube does not allow to save all the videos available on it and play them later, plus we cannot just play videos in background to just listen to the audio while we are busy working on something else on our phone. So what to do? iTube Android App is the answer to our question.

Anyone would probably think why should I go with iTube when there are tons of other Youtube downloaders available for Android. Well, because iTube is not just another YouTube video downloader it is much more than that. It is an awesome app loaded with tons of features.

What does iTube has to offer?

1. It allows us to download videos which can be played offline.

2. Not only videos but also the audio can be saved and played offline.

3. It allows us to play audio in the background just like any other music application.

4. Creating a playlist and playing it is just another feature it provides that we need.

5. Another cool feature being to set a sleep timer so that out playlist doesn’t keep on playing while we are asleep.

By now you must be wondering where to download iTube, but there is another good news for you as iTube is available totally free of cost. Yes, you got it right. All you need to do is download the APK from its official website and install it on your Android device. Once you get it done you can browse through any number of videos and as any video you play for the first is saved as well so, all you need to do is go to the clock icon which has the history of videos being played so that you can play them again anytime, anywhere even without internet connection.

Finally, iTube has almost everything that we need thus playing any video offline is no longer an issue.

Judhajeet Das

Passionate Geek | YouTube Video Producer | Tech Reviewer | Blogger | Student - Yea, that's the 15yrs old Me :) Oh Yea, I even Founded DroidLeaks :p

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