Hoverwatch review best free spy app for android

What is Hoverwatch?

Hoverwatch Cell Phone Tracker is a SPY application which records SMS, call history, and audio, Facebook, camera, locations, WhatsApp, Internet activity, calendar, contacts, etc. If you want to monitor the phone activities of employees/kids/anyone you can do that all with this app.

How it can be useful for parental control, employee monitoring or finding lost phone

Protect Your Kids

Hoverwatch is made to protect your kids, turning their Android phone into a spying device. With this program, you’ll always stand behind their back and know when they need your help or protection. Cell Spy will regularly track their location record, each & every step, and watch carefully what they talk about and who they speak with.

Android Loss/Theft Protection

This spy app helps you protect your Android phones against loss or theft by helping you locate your device after it covers distance. Compared to other free tracking spy app, hoverwatch Spy app offers greater versatility by not only informing the current location of your device but drawing the entire route of your phone’s movements. Also, Hoverwatch Phone Spy will take photos of whoever unlocks the phone, giving you a chance to recognize the new “owner.” I can say it’s the best spy app for android.


As an organization, you can use this app to keep in check the performance of your employees. It keeps tracking the exact location of each & everyone in your office so that you can see how much time employee spends on lunch breaks or other activities.Besides, with this tracker recording all phone conversations and text messages, the employees will not use corporate phones for personal use Hoverwatch. A Tool that Just Works(Remember about supporting all the main platforms for Android,) Android devices are a highly customizable platform. There are tracking apps & call recording apps for Android, and there are for Android. Some tools can capture pictures, and there are other tools also that can always sync data to the cloud. Researching, configuring and trying those tools can be a difficult task for parents.
Meet Hoverwatch! This all-in-one protection suite does everything you want for protection and satisfaction for you social & professional life. Requiring no tweaking and no regular attention, Hoverwatch just works. Simply install the app and enter your account details, and you are done.


HoverWatch can be used with the devices like Android / Windows PC / Mac Computer. Other platform devices do not match the conditions of the application so those users cannot install it. In case you install software at incompatible(Other platform devices) devices, the developer cannot guarantee the correct working of the app.

Key features

Hoverwatch is available on Android, Windows, and Mac, and its features are different on each. So we will be outlining them one after the other.

For Android:

  • Track phone location
  • Track and record incoming and outgoing calls
  • Track SMS, Facebook, and WhatsApp messages
  • Detect SIM card change
  • Save all contacts

For MAC:

  • Save screenshot
  • Record chat messages
  • Stealth mode
  • Keyboard logger
  • Log websites
  • For Windows:
  • Keyboard logger
  • Stealth mode
  • Record Skype
  • Make screenshot
  • Log websites

Pros of Hoverwatch:

  1. It can record calls both incoming and outgoing from a target device.
  2. It records every text type using target device keyboard.
  3. The software is hidden in a target device. Hence target device user cannot see the software, and this helps for
  4. accurate monitoring.
  5. Screenshots of the target device can be taken from the remote device.

Cons of Hoverwatch:

  1. Apps need to be installed on the target device to enable monitoring.
  2. The app cannot record calls on the remote device.
  3. Could be used for all the wrong reasons if in the hands of criminals.

Refog offline monitoring service

Personal Monitor

Refog offline monitoring service is the complete PC monitoring solution that one needs. Look after your valued(family) ones with Refog Personal Monitoring. Refog little tool packs the full control solution into a tiny, easy to use the shell. Refog monitoring software/app logs and monitors all activities on the computer where it is installed. Protect your kids and improve employee performance with a single product.


The Hoverwatch phone-tracking app is perfect for kids/employee/theft monitoring. By signing up for this software/app, you can track your kids, employees, loved ones. This application tracks and records information from another Android device. The geolocation feature will always let you know about the location of your children and employees.

Source: Hoverwatch

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