Confirmed: Brace Yourself, Here’s the best Galaxy S8 leak so far!

Mobile World Congress 2017 is running in Barcelona right now and everyone’s pretty happy with the Nokia, LG launches. But, it seems Samsung doesn’t wants to take the curtains off their next flagship Galaxy S8 this time in MWC. But who waits for the official announcement when you have confirmed leaks! 😀

Following the leak, Samsung will probably announce the Galaxy S8 on March 29 but the cat is already out of the bag already. Following a press render published by Evan Blass on Tuesday night, BGR published several photos, included below, revealing the device in full and states to have 100% confirmed leak.

Galaxy S8

BGR also notes that this is the slightly smaller Galaxy S8 and not the Galaxy S8 Plus which will probably have better specs. There aren’t many surprises. There’s a headphone jack on the bottom(thank god), flanking a USB-C port. We see the gorgeous curved display with nary a bezel on either side, and the new software buttons at the bottom of the display. This also appears to be an AT&T unit; though not in English, there are icons for DIRECTV and other AT&T services. The design language looks pretty familiar to the LG G6 and looks different from traditional Samsung phones.

BGR even states that they actually got hold of the Galaxy S8 already and the pictures are of that device. Which sounds cool and means the model is ready to make an appearance soon.

Though, Its definitely a Gorgeous looking phone. It’s expected to hit the market sometime in April, though I suspect we’ll be able to pre-order it shortly after it’s announced at the end of the month. But we’ll have to see when it happens so all we can do right now is wait.


Source: BGR

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